Tees UK (Official VW Licensed T-Shirts)

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Tees UK (Official VW Licensed T-Shirts)

Tees UK (Official VW Licensed T-Shirts)


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Inspired by heritage, music, sport, culture  and the people who surround them, Tees UK is the collaboration of two friends who wanted to convey their energy and lifestyle through unique products.

A long standing love affair with the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s, heritage and a chance encounter with a VW enthusiast are all responsible for the start of Tees UK.

After developing an initial t-shirt design, proudly wearing it in public and after many positive comments, the idea of a site dedicated to fun, freedom and lifestyle came about; a one stop shop for all ‘officially approved’ T-Shirts


In 2014 for launch in 2015, the timeless and clean designs of Tees UK initial ‘officially licensed’ Volkswagen inspired T-Shirt collection were created.

Available in a variety of colours and designs that appeal to the individual in a modern yet traditional way – each piece is constructed with the commitment to bringing you a high quality and a limited product that you’ll want to wear with pride.

None of our designs can be replicated and we’re always keeping our eyes and ears to the ground, looking for the best treats and developing modern designs for you – our lovely customers!  


All our designs are created in-house at our head office in Leicester by our own design team. However, we both make sure that we are hands on with every design to ensure our love and energy for the product is conveyed at all times.

It is essential that we bring you modern timeless designs and high quality garments – Having spent much time to sourcing our own ethically produced t-shirts, you can be assured that none of our garments are low quality mass produced off the shelf items. 

Our product and your t-shirt is manufactured using quality fabrics and screen printed to the highest standard here in the UK where we use the latest print techniques.

Our customer is at the heart of everything we do and we hope you enjoy your shopping and browsing experience with us – But most of all we hope you’ll love your new Tee!

Tees UK (Official VW Licensed T-Shirts)
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